Fundamental Texts

Constitution of 2016

Council Regulation of 2019

 (Amended and supplemented)

Presidential Decree


Administration of the Constitutional Council

The organization and functioning of the administration of the Constitutional Council are governed by the Presidential Decree               N° 16-201 of 11 Chaoual 1437 corresponding to 16 July 2016 relating to the rules on the organization of the Constitutional Council and the decision of the Constitutional Council on the organization of its administrative service.

Under the authority of its President, the Constitutional Council has the following organs and structures:

             General secretariat

       Cabinet ;

       Center for constitutional studies and research;

       Directorate General for Administration comprising three (3) sub-directorates;

       Documentation and Archives Directorate comprising two (2) sub-directorates.

Pursuant to Article 8 of the aforementioned Presidential Decree, the Secretary General is responsible for taking, under the authority of the President of the Constitutional Council, the necessary measures for the preparation and organization of the work of the Constitutional Council.

The appointment to senior posts is effected, by delegation of the President of the Republic, through a decision of the President of the Constitutional Council, within the limits of vacant posts. The removal from office occurs within the same forms.

In financial matters, the President of the Constitutional Council is the authorizing officer. However, he may delegate his power to sign to the Secretary General or to any official responsible for the financial and accounting management of the Institution.