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Round table organized on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Constitutional Council,

February 23 and 24, 2020


Besides the main theme of the international conference which focused on constitutional justice and the protection of rights and freedoms, the Constitutional Council organized, on this occasion, a round table on another no less important theme. It is the contribution of constitutional justice to social peace.

The round table was moderated by the President of the Constitutional Council, Mr. Kamel FENICHE, and in which participated, by their interventions, the presidents and heads of delegations of the Constitutional Council of Kazakhstan, Angola, Indonesia, Spain and Russia.

The concept of peace and its correlation with constitutional justice relates to peace within a state, in the sense of social peace. International peace does not fall within the remit of constitutional courts and councils, it is governed by international law and its instruments.

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The constitutional judge, through his mission to interpret the constitution, can contribute to appeasing political life, by favoring solutions which fall within the constitutional framework.

Examples of Courts and Constitutional Councils which have made their contribution to social peace are legion.

With a view to enriching the debate, the President of the Constitutional Council, Mr. Kamel FENICHE, asked the participants lines of intervention which, in particular, focused on the sources and competences available to the Constitutional Courts and Councils to help maintain internal peace, their applications, their limits, as well as on the protection of rights and freedoms, the deepening of democracy and the rule of law as a prerequisite for peace.

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The debate which followed, made it possible to highlight that effectively, for a peaceful political life, for a national reconciliation centered around the principles of living together in a state of law, the Constitutional Courts and Councils can bring a very positive contribution.

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