Of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria




Title I: Fundamental Principles of organization of the Algerian society
        Chapter 1: The republic
        Chapter 2: Socialism
        Chapter 3: The state
        Chapter 4: Fundamental liberties human and citizen’s rights
        Chapter 5: The citizen’s duties
        Chapter 6: the national people’s army
        Chapter 7: principles of foreign policy 

Title II: Power and its organization
        Chapter 1: The political function
        Chapter 2: The executive
        Chapter 3: The legislative
        Chapter 4: The judiciary
        Chapter 5: Control
        Chapter 6: The constituent function

Title III: Miscellaneous provisions

I-  Law N° 79-06 of July 1979, bearing constitutional revision
II- Law N° 80-01 of 12 January 1980, bearing constitutional revision

III- Constitutional revision adopted after the referendum of 3 November 1988