The constitutional Council







Welcoming Message of 
the President of the  Algerian Constitutional Council, 

Professor Dr. Said Bouchair 

to the hosts of the Constitutional Council WEB site


      The Constitutional Council has finally endowed itself with a WEB site aimed at providing its hosts with maximum information on the institution as designed by the Constituent and through its jurisprudential production.

    Hence, you will find in it all the Algerian Constitutions, the legal texts governing and organizing the Council, its functioning rules, the opinions and decisions it has made since its creation ... In a nutsbell, all what is likely to satisfy the intellectual curiosity of University academics, researchers,,praticians, students or any other persons interested in Algerian Constitutional law or the Constitutional Council's work.

    By creating this site, the Constitutional Council intends to open up to new information and communication technologies and thus enter straight the third millenium.

    This site represents for us an opening up on the outside world. Therefore we welcome any observations and suggestions on the work of the Constitutional Council as well as doctrinal contributions likely to arise debates among experts.